Foundation Degree in Early Childhood Studies

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What is the course about?

Want a career that is rewarding and fun? Working with children can offer that! Learn about all aspects of working with children on our Foundation degree programme.

There are three key themes in the programme: knowledge of the education, development and care of young children 0-8; the professional development of practitioners; and the continuing development of excellence in practice in local settings.

Appropriate knowledge and understanding of early childhood is embedded, together with skills relating to the use of ideas and information in the workplace context, and the ability to relate theory to practice in a reflective and critical manner.

What will be studied?

Level 4 Year 1 Certificate

  • Academic Skills Sociology of Childhood
  • Safeguarding the Rights of the Child
  • Playful Teaching and Learning
  • Child Development and Learning
  • Professional Practice

Level 5 Year 2 Diploma

  • Research Skills
  • Working in Partnerships
  • Leadership and Management in a Childhood Setting
  • Inclusion and SEND
  • Effective Pedagogy (Optional)
  • Education and Curriculum (Optional)
  • Advanced Professional Practice 2

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Two years: full-time, Three years: part-time




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Start Date

September 2024