What’s on Offer

We offer a wide range of apprenticeships covering a variety of sectors. Listed below are all of the apprenticeship programmes young people can choose from with East Riding College. These pages give you apprentice-level information about what apprentices will study and what qualifications they will achieve.

You can also check our apprenticeship offer on the Apprenticeship Service

HABC Level Three Effective Auditing and Inspection SkillsPart-timeOne day
Level Four Sales Executive ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18 Months
Level 2 Engineering Operative ApprenticeshipApprenticeships12 Months
Level 2 Hair Professional ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18 Months
Level 2 Property Maintenance Operative ApprenticeshipApprenticeships12 Months
Level 3 Engineering Design and Draughtsperson (Structual HNC Route) ApprenticeshipApprenticeships24 Months
Level 3 Engineering Design and Draughtsperson (Structual Route) ApprenticeshipApprenticeships24 Months
Level 3 Installation Electrician / Maintenance Electrician ApprenticeshipApprenticeships36 Months
Level 3 Learning Mentor ApprenticeshipApprenticeships12 Months
Level 3 Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician Apprenticeship (HNC Route)Apprenticeships24 Months
Level 4 Engineering Manufacturing Technician ApprenticeshipApprenticeships27 Months + 3 Months to complete EPA
Level 5 Operations Departmental Manager ApprenticeshipApprenticeships24 Months
Level Five HR Consultant / Partner ApprenticeshipApprenticeships24-30 months
Level Four Assessor Coach ApprenticeshipApprenticeships15 Months
Level Four BTEC Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Construction and the Built EnvironmentHigher education18 months
Level Four BTEC Higher National Certificate in Engineering (General Engineering)Higher education18 Months
Level Four Construction Site Engineering Technician ApprenticeshipApprenticeships24 Months
Level Four Engineering Manufacturing Technician, ApprenticeshipApprenticeships27 months
Level Four Higher Apprenticeship in ConstructionApprenticeships12 to 24 months
Level Four Professional Accounting Taxation Technician ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18-24 Months
Level Three Advanced and Creative Hair Professional ApprenticeshipApprenticeships14 Months
Level Three Advanced Apprenticeship in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair - Light VehicleApprenticeships12-36 Months
Level Three Assistant Accountant ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18-24 Months
Level Three Beauty Therapist ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18 Months
Level Three Business Administrator ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18 Months
Level Three Carpentry and Joinery ApprenticeshipApprenticeships15 Months
Level Three Civil Engineering ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18-24 Months
Level Three Early Years Educator ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18 Months
Level Three Engineering Design and Draughtsperson ApprenticeshipApprenticeships24 Months
Level Three Engineering Fitter ApprenticeshipApprenticeships36 Months
Level Three Engineering Technician ApprenticeshipApprenticeships36 Months
Level Three HR Support ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18 -24 months
Level Three IT Solutions Technician ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18 months
Level Three Junior Content Producer ApprenticeshipApprenticeships12-18 Months
Level Three Laboratory Technician ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18 Months
Level Three Lead Adult Care Worker ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18 Months
Level Three Maintenance Operations Engineering Technician ApprenticeshipApprenticeships24 Months
Level Three Plate Welder ApprenticeshipApprenticeships24 Months
Level Three Safety, Health and Environment ApprenticeshipApprenticeships24 Months
Level Three Senior Chef Production Cooking ApprenticeshipApprenticeships14 Months
Level Three Teaching Assistant ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18 Months
Level Two Accounts/Finance Assistant, ApprenticeshipApprenticeships12-14 Months
Level Two Adult Care Worker ApprenticeshipApprenticeships12 Months
Level Two Beauty Therapist, ApprenticeshipApprenticeships15 months
Level Two Bricklayer ApprenticeshipApprenticeships12 Months
Level Two Butcher ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18 Months
Level Two Carpentry and Joinery ApprenticeshipApprenticeships15-18 Months
Level Two Commis Chef ApprenticeshipApprenticeships14 months
Level Two Credit Controller / Collector ApprenticeshipApprenticeships12-14 Months
Level Two Credit Controller/Collector ApprenticeshipApprenticeships
Level Two Customer Service Practitioner ApprenticeshipApprenticeships14 months
Level Two General Welder (Arc Processes) ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18 Months
Level Two Groundworker ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18-24 Months
Level Two Hair Professional, Barbering ApprenticeshipApprenticeships18 Months
Level Two Hospitality Team Member ApprenticeshipApprenticeships14 Months
Level Two Intermediate Apprenticeship in Civil EngineeringApprenticeships12 to 24 months
Level Two Motor Vehicle Autocare Technician ApprenticeshipApprenticeships24 months + 3 months to complete end point assessment
Level Two Production Chef ApprenticeshipApprenticeships12 months
Level Two Retailer ApprenticeshipApprenticeships14 Months
Level Two Supply Chain Operator ApprenticeshipApprenticeships14 Months
Level Two Supply Chain Warehouse Operative ApprenticeshipApprenticeships14 months
Operations/Departmental Manager, Level Five ApprenticeshipApprenticeships30 months
Level Five Learning and Skills Teacher ApprenticeshipApprenticeships, Online24 Months
Level Three Customer Service Specialist ApprenticeshipApprenticeships14 Months
Foundation Degree in Early Childhood StudiesHigher educationTwo years: full-time, Three years: part-time