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Your workforce is your single most important asset. Develop your employees’ skills and knowledge and your business will soon see the benefits. In many cases, your only investment will be time, not money.

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Apprenticeships: The perfect fit

Apprenticeships enable you to develop your employees exactly how you want to. No longer the preserve of mechanics and electricians, Apprenticeships are available across all sectors and job roles. And with funding rules about to change, now is the time to take yours on.

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Apprenticeships are everywhere these days. Viewed by the Government as crucial to the nation’s future economic success, they have backing of senior politicians and big business and are growing in popularity all the time. The reason? They really work. They enable you to train new and existing employers according to your precise needs. Spending most of the week in the workplace, the apprentice completes a competency-based qualification which confirms their abilities to carry out a range of tasks while spending one day a week – usually but not always – at college learning the theory to go with the practical.

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